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Frequently Asked Questions


Online registration is closed - can I still register at the race?

Only if there are spots left in your race.  If your field says "closed" on the BikeReg.com registration page there are no more spots left in your race so stay home - you will not be allowed to race.

My field is full - is there a waiting list?

No. We expect a number of no-shows and planned accordingly by selling a few extra entries. The field limits are set based on safe field sizes and an expected ratio of no-shows. In effect, the waiting list is built into pre-registration. If your field is full DO NOT come to the race.  

My teammate isn't racing - can I use his/her registration?

If you're asking this question on race day, the answer is no. The large number of people who must be processed in a short time at registration does not allow handling of special requests without jeopardizing quick, smooth turnaround times for everyone else. These arrangements can be made through the Thursday before race day. Please include your teammate's BikeReg confirmation number with your request for identification purposes.

I'm a cat 5 and my field is full. Can I race in the cat 4 field? I'm in great shape; I've won a bunch of races; My wheels are very fast

No, you can only compete in a race  for which your license indicates you qualify. You'll need to follow the usual methods of upgrading through USA Cycling.

I'm a junior and it says my entry fee is only $5.  I don't see a way to register online and pay only $5.  How do I do that?

Register online for the category you are eligible to race in and when you pick up your number on race day you will be reimbursed.  Ask for Charlie at registration.

I can't make it to the race. I'm going to a wedding; I broke my leg; My car broke down. Can I get a refund?

No but you can receive a credit for a future race.  Email cibike@aol.com with your request by the Thursday before race dayNo credits will be given after the Thursday before the race takes place.

I'm new to racing and I don't have a USAC license.  Can I still race?

For those without a USA Cycling Racing license one-day licenses are available on the day of the event at a cost of $10 .  Please note that one-day licenses can be purchased only by unlicensed or Category 5 Men or unlicensed or Category 4 women.

Is the race held in the rain?

Yes - we race rain or shine.

Is there parking in Prospect Park?

No.  Please use local street parking.  Cars are not permitted at any time in Prospect Park.

Is there neutral support to carry my spare wheels?


Are there free laps?


If I get a flat can I hop back in the race if I promise to stay at the back?

Absolutely not!  If you are caught doing this you will receive an immediate suspension by the Chief Referee. 

But what if I was in the bathroom and I missed the start by 2 minutes? What's the harm in just getting back into the race the next time they come around?

All together now...NO!  Show up on time.

I upgraded from Category 4 to Category 3.  Do I lose the points I scored in the Category 4 races?

No. You keep the points (Overall, KOM and Sprint) you earned in the Category 4 races.  They do not carry over to the Pro/1-2-3 series but will remain in the Category 4 series.

Is the Category 5 division part of the overall series? 

No.  For 2012 we have decided not to make the Category 5 division part of the series.  The Category 5 division is for entry-level cyclists and racers are expected to upgrade.  In the past so many racers were upgrading before the series ended that the final results were not a true indication of who was the best Category 5 racer.

Why are  there no Masters and Women fields at these races?  There are only 3 fields at Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup races.  Can't you have more?

USA Cycling's rule #3A2 states:

3A2. Multiple Fields. If more than one massed start race is to be on the course simultaneously, starting intervals should be chosen such that different groups will not overlap. If overlapping cannot be avoided, the races should not be placed on the course simultaneously.

The Prospect Park course is only 3.4 miles.  Three fields is the maximum number we can have on the course at the same time without having an overlap.  There have been occasional overlaps but with three fields it is rare.  Four fields almost guarantees an overlap and breaks rule 3A2.  More importantly it creates an unsafe race situation.  Having a 100 rider field trying to pass another 100 rider field on the narrow Prospect Park roads (and not going into the jogger's lane) is dangerous.  Often the field that passed an at-the-time slower field is then overtaken by the field they just passed. Safety always comes first at our races.  Think about it, when fields are overlapping each other everybody is unhappy - the riders, the officials, the pacers and the promoter.  We are trying to promote fun, safe races and not races that have riders screaming at each other as they pass and get passed. 

Masters and Women can race with their category.  Sorry guys, we wish we had a longer course too!

The race was canceled by the USAC officials after we started because injured riders from a crash were on the course; emergency vehicles were on the course; Parks Dept vehicles were on the course; a protest on the course; a tree fell on the course; a sink-hole suddenly appeared on the course; insert another reason why a race might be canceled after it has already started here.  Can I get an entry fee refund?

Sorry, but there are no entry fee refunds once a race has officially started and then is canceled for any reason.  The operating expenses are still the same after a race has started so the officials, pacers, marshals etc will still need to be paid.

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